Saturday, March 8, 2008

Why This Blog?

Over the years, I have received many, many e-mails and phone calls from adoptive families. Often they share a difficult story that they feel afraid to share on their orphanage newsgroup or such forums as A-P-C for fear that they will be "flamed" or ostracized. They sit in silence, afraid to share their story.

I am starting this blog to give members of the adoption community a forum to voice their fears and concerns; to share their experiences, both positive and negative. Here you will be safe to tell your story -- you can do so anonymously or credited -- to let others know your journey. Hopefully, in this way, we can give a voice to the silent members of our community, and also educate others to the world of adoption.

All submissions will be posted, protecting the identify of the writer if desired. I will forward comments from others to you if you request, and will summarize feedback into a "Letters to the Editor" posting once a month or so. I will operate under an extremely light editorial hand. I want this to be your forum, where you can speak the issues of your heart regarding adoption.

After focusing for so many years on the statistics and processes inside China, I want to turn some attention to the children and their families that have "been there, and done that." Your experiences can give valuable insights into China -- her culture, her orphanages, and those that represent her.

The forum is now open!

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